Youth Programs


The PBSO Juvenile First Offender Program is a new program developed to keep youths who have committed minor crimes as their first offense out of the criminal justice system. JFO officers review all PBSO non-custodial juvenile arrests to find candidates for the program. Candidates must be first time arrestees.

In order to qualify, both the victim and the parents of the offender must agree to entry into the program. Once the juvenile is considered for entry into the JFO, he/she must admit guilt in the crime, and agree to accept and complete all sanctions and conditions ordered. These may include curfews, community service, restitution, letters of apology, service on a youth court as a juror, or other conditions. The sanctions are either agreed upon by the JFO officer, victim, juvenile and his/her parents, or are assigned after a hearing before a youth court made up of previous offenders and youth volunteers.

The JFO officer monitors the juveniles conduct and insures the completion of all sanctions and conditions within the appropriate time period. Successful completion of the program guarantees the juvenile will not have a criminal record for the offense.

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